Symons Cone Crusher Is Suitable for Crushing Hard Materials

Crushing machine is using the conic hydraulic cleaning system, can be discharged on its own foreign body, without fear of damage to the equipment, not to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out maintenance.

Although the cone crusher price than other similar products are a little higher, but from the long-term development perspective, the high initial investment will undoubtedly provide high returns for the development in the future, so it is more cost-effective.Practice has proved that the cone crusher to factory overhaul more economic, more cost-effective to overhaul than replacing some serious wear parts, the crusher all apart check all parts durability. Spare parts replacement should be used provided by manufacturer, in order to ensure the normal work.

Cone breaker should be kept clean, paint intact, usually a neglect or abuse the machine service life than careful use, better maintenance cleaning machine service life much shorter.Cone crusher is the application of alloy materials of high quality, the high strength material not only makes the china cone crusher can with big power crushing operations, at the same time, for some high hardness ore, also not too serious wear of the equipment, but not because of excellent lead ore equipment failure.

If the symons cone crusher parking under load, restarting crusher crushing chamber before, must be thoroughly clean, the opportunity to start crushing cone crusher and motor caused a serious damage in the crushing cavity filled with ore condition. The following part caused by cone crusher load parking: lack of power or fuel which is driven by a motor or engine to stop crusher, into the crushing cavity ore too much the crusher discharge conveyor stuffy car, parking the discharged material piling jamming crusher, crushing machine and iron. The crushing machine operator, nothing is more dangerous than exclude card in the crushing cavity of iron. The method is not correct will cause serious...