Cone Crusher Can Be Used for Secondary Crushing Stage

We know the cone crusher can be used for secondary stage for coarse crushing. And other type crushers can be also used for different levels. Different crushers have different physical characteristics. When it works, its low and short main frame, rather compact and simple structure, make the weight of whole machine is lighter than other crusher by 1/2~1/3 with the Fote capacity.

In the modern society, you may know roll crusher and cone crusher, which are the primary or secondary crushers. And a roll crusher utilizes one or more rollers with rows of sharp and hard teeth attached to them. During the working process, rocks and minerals will be crushed and cut into smaller sizes. You should pay attention to the speed of the machine. For the production will be varied according to the material hardness, moisture and size.Commonly, the angle of cone crusher is an important factor to be paid attention to. The discharge gate is also necessary to consider during the transmission process. For the sake of advanced Internet, there will be more types and specifications crushers available. Today, the crusher is becoming increasingly more durable and perfect with the development of our technology. All crushers can be used for diverse occasions.

Cone crushers are commonly used in aggregate and mining industries. Aggregate industries belong to construction industries which depend on stone for construction.There are many types of cone crushers.These cone crushers are used to crush rocks and ores for ore processing and for the creation of gravel. This process finally turn the ore into metal, and also makes stones to be used for various construction purposes. They use the cone crusher to crush the ores, include copper ores, quartz, granite, gritstone, iron ores and limestone.The ore is at the place between a mantle line and concave liners.At the bottom of the spindle, the gap between these two parts is closed by an eccentric, which crushes the ore by moving in a circular motion...