Causes of Development of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is proved to have a good application prospect in the field of mineral though large project. The superior design and the perfect performance of the cone crusher is the root reason of its continuous development.

1 Ratio of reduction is large and the production efficiency is high. Cone crusher combines a higher speed and the stroke, which enhances the rated power and the carrying ability of the cone crusher. Therefore, it improved the reduction ratio and the working efficiency. The ideal combination design increased the output by 35% ~ 60% than the old cone crusher.

2 Less easily wear parts consumption, low operation cost. All parts of the machine have wear protection design, which can decrease the maintenance cost to a minimum. Generally, this can improve the service life of the crusher by 30%. On the other hand, the reliable operation ensures the low operating cost of the cone crusher.

3 Laminating crushing make excellent finished product grain shape. By adopting intergranular laminated principle design through the use of special crushing cavity and the matching speed instead of traditional single grain crushing principle, cone crusher realizes the selective crushing of material. Correspondingly, cone crusher significantly increases the content of the cube and enhances the fine material ratio, largely reduces the needle flake material.

4 Cone crushers have hydraulic protection and hydraulic cleaning cavity. Its automation degree is high, which reduces the idle time. Hydraulic regulating discharge gate and overload protection make breaker operation level improve greatly, at the Fote time, make the maintenance more simple, more convenient to operate.

5 The machine has a variety of crushing cavity type. They are flexible in application and well adapted. Cone crusher only need to replace fixed cone plate and moving cone plate. Breakage cavity shape can change from standard super thick type to ultrafine short head type at will. It is suitable...