Syllabus for I.A.S Exam

1. AGRICULTURE Agriculture - its importance in National Economy, Factors determining agroecological zone and geographic distribution of crop plants. Important crops of India, Cultural practiees for cereal, pulses, oilseed, fibre, Sugar and Tuber crops and the scientific basis for these crop rotations. Multiple and relay cropping, Inter cropping and mixed cropping. Soil as a medium of plant growth and its composition. Mineral and organic constituents of soil and their role in crop production. Chemical, Physical and Microbiological properties of the soils. Essential plant nutrients and their functions. Occurrence of cycling in soils. Principles of soil fertility and its evaluation for judicious fertilizer use organic manures and bio-fertilizers straight complex and mixed fertilizers manufactured and marketed in India. Principles of Plant Physiology with reference to plant nutrition, absorption, translocation and metabolism of nutrients. Diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies and their amelioration. Photosynthesis and respiration. Growth and development. Auxins and hormones in plant growth. Elements of Genetics and plant breading as applied to improvement of crops. . Development of plant hybrid and composites. Important varaieties, hybrids and composites of major crops. Important fruit and vegetable crops of india, Package of practices and their scientific basis. crop rotations, intercropping and companion crops. role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, Post-harvest handling and processing of fruits and vegetables. Serious pests and diseases affecting major crops. Principles of pest control. Integrated management of pests and diseases. Proper use and maintenance of plant protection equipments. Principles of economics as applied to agriculure. role of agriculture in Indian Economy. Farm Planning and resource management for optimal production. Farming systems and their role in regional economics. Philosophy,...