Operation Yardfest

Howard Homecoming is the biggest homecoming in the World, but with poor operations it can easily turn into a nightmare. There are many operational tasks that make Howard’s Yardfest a success every year such as lights, the stage, security, people, and materials. While those operational tasks are very important in ensuring the success of Yardfest, I believe that technology is the most important operational task. Technology is the most important operation because Yardfest is centered around who is performing on stage. Howard prides itself on which artists perform each year, and performances could not happen without the proper technology being set up.
In order to successfully implement a better operation of technology many things will be needed. Making sure everything is set up correctly is one of many important activities. Having a Yardfest coordinator to hire a technology savvy staff is the single most important task because handling technology on such a grand stage is very complicated and something that technicians are very used to. There are many steps necessary to setting up the technology for Yardfest. Having DJs ready is a very important step because the music is what makes Yardfest entertaining. DJ’s typically know how to set up their equipment, but will not be able to do it if the right technological resources are not available. Another necessary step is to have technicians set up outlets around the yard for microphones, computers, generators, and other necessary technology to be plugged in and ready to be used. A final step is to have the coordinators and artists test out the equipment, music, and microphones at least a couple hours before Yardfest begins. This will ensure that every piece of technology is properly working and there will be no issues once the show begins. Certain resources will be needed throughout the event such as technicians, coordinators, and the Howard University administration to make this operation a success....