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The Alliguin

Mrs. YulaJ
12/21/09 J

The Alliguin is a combination of an alligator and a penguin. The Alliguin lives in cold and warm climates. It lives on land and in the water.

The Alliguin has many adaptations. The Alliguin has three structural adaptations. The first adaptation is that it has the armored skin of an alligator, so it can protect itself from being prey. The second adaptation is an alligators’ tail and penguins’ fins help it to swim. The third adaptation is an Alliguins’ mouth is a combination of a penguins’ sharp beak (to peck through ice) and a alligators’ big jaw and sharp teeth to eat big prey.

Some of the behavioral adaptations include that the Alliguin is   a carnivore, so it can eat sea mammals like huge walrus’ up to 4,000 pounds. They also hunt in large packs in the water.   Another behavioral adaptation is they lay multiple eggs and they stay there (like a penguin) until it hatches.

They Alliguin has a few physiological adaptations. One of them is that they are warm blooded like a penguin, so it   can live in a cold environment. Another physiological adaptation is it has many veins in the bottom of its feet, like a penguin, so it can’t stick to the icy surface.

By putting two extremely different animals together was a lot of fun. The Alliguin was a very interesting animal to create   because its very unique.   I wonder if I’ll ever see one.