A Monk Swimming

A Monk Swimming Timeline
1952 | Malachy arrives in New York City from Limerick, Ireland. |
1955 | Malachy accidently meets Queen Elizabeth II while attending a Rugby Football Club cocktail party, and spends the evening drinking and talking to the Queen and her “bedmate of the time” Prince Phil. |
1956 | Malachy is taken home by his comrade Josh Reynolds, to his family home in North Carolina. The Reynolds family is the founder of Camel Cigarettes. |
1956 | Malachy spends the summer on Fire Island (outside of New York City) sleeping with any and all (married) women while selling Bibles on the beach during the day. |
1956 | Malachy gets his first acting job which led to an on and off career with later roles on Broadway and in many widely known television series.(such as, All My Children) |
1958 | Malachy stars on The Tonight Show, where he arrives blacked-out drunk and later doesn’t recall anything from that night; however, he pleased the crowd and was asked to return as a guest. |
(no date given) | Friends of Malachy’s open a pub with him, and give it his name. Arguably Malachy’s was the first singles bar in the U.S. Regulars at Malachy’s included: Peter O’Toole, Barbra Streisand, Alan Bates, Richard Burton, Gig Young, Grace Kelly, Richard Harris, Michael Thomas, Brooke Hayward, Willie Louglin, and Lewis Lapham. David Hess also wrote his songs “Speedy Gonzalez” and “All Shook Up” at a table in Malachy’s. |
1959 | Malachy plans a trip to Ireland to visit his mother and brother. This infuriates a woman he was sleeping with more regularly than the rest, as she would be “left alone” for Christmas. He agrees to take her with him, and they get married on a whim to make the affair easier. They find out while in Ireland that Linda is pregnant with their first child. |
1959/1960 | Malachy and Linda’s two children, Siobhan and Malachy Jr., are born. Malachy proceeds to neglect his duties as a father and a husband while sleeping with any and all females he...