Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit


A Demographic

    • What major demographic developments and / or trends pose opportunities or threats to AFFA?
        o For example:   aging population
    • What actions has AFFA taken in response to these developments and / or trends?

B Economic

    • What major developments in the income, prices, or savings of AFFA’s consumers will affect AFFA?
        o Is AFFA competing as a form of entertainment for consumers?
    • What actions has AFFA   been taking in response to these developments and trends?

C. Ecological

    • What is the outlook for the cost and availability of natural resources and energy needed by the company?
    • What concerns have been expressed about the company's role in pollution and conservation, and what steps has the company taken?

D Technological

    • What major changes are occurring in product technology? In process technology? What is the company's position in these technologies?
    • What major generic substitutes might replace this product?

E Political

    • What laws are being proposed that could affect marketing strategy and tactics?
    • What federal, state, and local actions should be watched? What is happening in the areas of pollution control, equal employment opportunity, product safety, advertising, price control, and so forth, that affects marketing strategy?

F Cultural

    • What is the public's attitude toward business and toward the products produced by the company?
    • What changes in consumer and business lifestyles and values have a bearing on the company?

Task Environment

A. Markets

    • What is happening to market size, growth, geographical distribution, and profits?
    • What are the major market segments?

B. Customers

    • How do customers and prospects rate the company and its competitors on reputation, product quality, service, salesforce, and price?
    • How do different customer segments make their...