Marketing Audit


To: Director of Apple Inc

From: Marketing Executive

Subject: The Purpose of Marketing Audits and Techniques that done by apple to audit the marketing environment

Date:   31 August 2009

The purpose of the marketing audit is to identify areas of success and effectiveness, and the inevitable challenges and opportunities that exist within organizations that negatively effect marketing return on investment. Based on the findings of the audit, recommendations will be made to improve the effectiveness of future marketing efforts.

The mobile phone market industry is one of the booming industries in the world. Each year the sales of organizations operating in this kind of industry go up. This can be attributed to the popularity of mobile phone whatever brand they belong to and the intrinsic love of human beings for technology. There are the techniques that used by Apple to audit the marketing environment such as demographic and technology. Product launches are notorious for being late due to any number of reasons: development delays, problems with manufacturing ramp-up, financial delays, and even last minute, Apple need a screen shot for the brochure but the software’s not working delays. If Apple launch was late, Apple need to determine how this affected sales, the company’s reputation, and any negative press company suffered. Also figure out why the delays happened in the first place were these things beyond your control or can you make changes for future launches.

Many organizations don’t understand when is the right time to launch a new product and instead release it for the following vague reasons: It’s ready to go to market, even though the market might not be ready for it It’s being introduced at a major industry tradeshow A competitor just launched a similar product, so you need a “me too” response. Once your product has been launched, go back and analyze how the market or your industry reacted to it. Was response highly favorable,...