Survival on a Stranded Island

Survival on a stranded island
As the ship was sinking, I looked around to find anything to grab on. There are some important things which are axe, clothing, first aid kit, a case of bottled water, a 10’ by 12’ piece of canvas, a box of canned food, a writing paper and pen, a package of favourite books, knife, compass, matches and religious books which is Al-Quran. If I were to bring three things with me in order to survive on a stranded island, I certainly would bring an axe, a box of first aid kit and a box of canned food.
First and foremost, I would bring an axe with me to that stranded island. The most logical reason is an axe can protect us from any danger. By mentioning danger, I mean threat from wild animals. We can protect ourselves by using the axe to scare them or even kill them if they meant harm. Not just that, an axe can also be used to cut woods to make shelter. Taking example from the Robinson Crusoe story, he used woods and build a small house as a shelter. We also can use the woods for making raft or canoe. Furthermore, an axe can be used to cut open fishes and fruits on trees. We need food to live so, we do need an axe as one of the tools on a stranded island.
Secondly, one of the things I would bring to a stranded island is a box of canned food. Food is important to us in order to survive. A box of canned food can be a temporary supply of food if we could not find any source of food on the island. The food will not be spoiled with the sea water as it is in a canned form. With the canned food, I can survive on the island at least for a few days. After the food is finished, I can use the cans to store fruits or fish that I catch. The canned food is actually a useful thing to bring along. So, I would bring a box of canned food with me on the stranded island.
Thirdly, the last thing I would bring to the island is a box of first aid kit. This is very useful as we cannot predict what could happen to us especially injuries. As we swim from the ship to...