How You Would Behave If You Were Stranded on an Island with Ten of Your Friends?

“How you would behave if you were stranded on an island with ten of your friends?”
If I was stranded on a desert island with ten of my friends, the first priority would be survival. One of the first ethical decision would be gather together and think; what to do, how we do it and what is the right thing to do? To be able to survive as a group and keep it together, we would have to pick a leader to be in charge. If everyone would try to be a boss we all going to die, that’s for sure. We need to have teamwork to be able to communicate, discuss, and not to fight and argue. Choosing a leader should be a logical meaning this is someone from us eleven that basically has some idea’s or experience and motivation. I am not an expert on survival so I would likely be in big trouble, but I can be a team player and keep it together for everyone else. By being a good attentive student and learning what Ethics is; “The discipline of ethics is concerned with what is morally right and wrong about human action and what is morally good and bad about the consequences of actions. It is also often concerned about what characterizes morally good or bad persons, that is, about human character”, by James Gustafson. I would hope that we can all survive and make morally right decisions to do so.
After leader has been chosen, we would have to find some sources of food and water, and find or build some type of shelter. Being sick is not an option when you must gather food and water or die. So, I hope that we would remember to keep ourselves as covered as possible. Cause getting severely burned by the sun or getting eaten up by insects could create a great deal of suffering if no medication is available.
So you ask me, if I would be religious at all? Would God be watching over you? The answer would be, yes. I do believe in God, and being in church is part of my life. Things do happen in life for a reason, so with that said, I would probably keep a positive thought and making sure my...