Lord of the Flies : Who Was a Better Leader? Ralph or Jack

Ralph, in Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is a great leader. Ralph and Jack are two of the many main characters.   They are stranded on an island with no adults. They got on this stranded island because of a plane crash. On the plane there was only one adult which was the pilot. And he is now dead. They have to survive on their own, so they seek for a leader. They picked Ralph as a leader; he was also doing a very good job. He was trying to find a way to help save them, but Jack was not. When Jack was the leader, he was selfish and makes himself like a king which is a form as bad leader ship.
When jack is a leader he acts like he is the king and everyone else is his servant. He does not do any work and do anything to help save the children to get out of this island. Actually he only does one thing which is hunting, and is too obsessed with it. He was too busy worrying about him and his needs. Whereas Ralph, he was worrying about others and how they would survive. He was trying to find enough food and a place for them to sleep which is a fort. The others did not see how worried he was about them. I think that he was did the best he could have done when he was only twelve. Jack was only taking advantage of the others. One time was in chapter 9 he had the big feast and he was acting like that he was royalty.   This is bad leadership because he is selfish. He should put everyone equal to each other. I just feel that is not the type of government that should be going on in this island. This is what will make society break up because they don’t want a king leading them when they are older they will find out that they are not happy and will over through the king!  
I feel that Ralph is more worried about everyone’s safety and survival than Jack. Jack is only concerned about hunting and himself. In chapter two, Ralph decides to build a fire to tract attention from the ships passing by. I think that that it was a brilliant Idea that came out of a twelve year olds...