Supporting the Teacher

Supporting the Teacher               Assignment 1
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Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussions.

The role of teaching assistant has changed considerably over the years. Initially assistants functioned as classroom auxiliaries who relieved teachers of care and ‘’house keeping’’ type duties (clayton, 1993) but government initiatives in inclusion, curriculum development and workforce remodelling have resulted in them taking on an ever-increasing variety of tasks with many playing a significant role in the learning and teaching process.(Richards and Armstrong,2008)

I would contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven years old children learning to play percussion instruments by supporting the teacher and the children.

Firstly, supporting the teacher by ensuring the classroom is safe and tidy, laying out the relevant instruments, preparing any music that may be needed and also arrange the furniture to suit the lesson. I would inspect all the instruments making sure that they are all in good working condition and that no one could harm themselves, this would make sure that of the percussion instrument lesson. I would make sure that every child has the correct resources, materials or equipments so that no one is left out. Secure a copy of resources and texts that will be used during the lesson, also check the teacher’s planning to see what support is required.

During the lesson, I would ensure that pupils are clear what they will be learning (lesson objective) and what the teacher expect from them to have achieved any the end of the lesson (lesson outcome). I would supervise the children and help keep their concentration on the lesson at hand, also help minimise any negative behaviour, handing out praise and encouragement where appropriate. I would assist them in ever coming any difficulty in order for them to achieve the relevant outcome that has been...