Compare and Contrast the Differences Between an Experienced and Inexperienced Teacher

Experience is the key in comparing and contrasting the differences between an experience and inexperience teacher.   I myself am new at teaching and from observing an experience teacher recently, have so much yet to learn to become more confident and bring the best out of my learners, to manage a classroom more effectively.   Being new to teaching I am keen to learn and adapt, learn from the mistakes I will make, and ensure my new chosen career is a successful one, something maybe a more experience teacher is less willing to do, as their career is established and sees no need to change what has worked.

Definition of experience is “knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone”. -[ Date Accessed - 01/12/10]

Experienced teachers have a wealth of knowledge not only in their subject area, but also in making mistakes, learning from these and becoming a more confident teacher.   To be able to differential with all learners within their class, more prepared for every eventuality and capable to adapt to different situation whenever they arise.   “Experienced teachers don’t deal with problems, they prevent them occurring” [Petty, 2009:104].   More knowledgeable teachers have lesson plans that are tried and tested and include all eventualities.

  “Experienced teachers' plans reflected a concern about contingencies that might arise during instruction, whereas inexperienced teachers' plans did not” [accessed 1/12/10]

Definition of inexperience is “lack of experience or of the knowledge and understanding derived from experience”. -[ Date Accessed - 01/12/10]

Inexperienced teachers have a good subject specialism, this is generally fresh from their training, however not much practical experience in the classroom and dealing with difficult situations.   “For many newly qualified teachers, while pupils...