Supervisory Platform and Philosophy

Supervisory Plaform and Philosophy
Kimberly   Fasarakis
EDA 551   Mod 3 –
Oct 10, 2012

    There are different philosophies of education that permeate the school systems. This is what drives the mission and emphasis of each school. It varies from school to school and may have a variety of philosophies embedded and woven within.   I hold two separate philosophies of education. I hold experimentalism and existentialism.   The experimentalist recognizes the changing world around us. Experimentalism views "the world as an ever-changing place [where] reality is what is actually experienced and change is openly accepted" (UOP, 2002, p. 48). The teachers are able to guide the learners through situations and problems in society, and help them to decipher through them.   This is an existentialist idea of subjectivity with an experimentalist view of society. "The existentialist sees the world in terms of personal subjectivity; goodness, truth, and reality are individually defined … goodness [being] a matter of freedom" (48)
    There are a few things that must change in education if a platform is set for me. First, I believe we need to move away from the results of high stake testing, and we need to focus on the well being of the whole child. We must place emphasis on respect and safety, along with each student taking responsibility of his/her own learning. It is also important that t he teachers are engaged in professionalism that keeps them engaged and committed.
    If the teachers are able to grasp the vision and be proactive and driven, they will need less direct supervision. The supervisor must realize that more can be done with a team collaboration spirit than that of a driving forceful managerial sense. The purpose of supervision is to improve instruction. If the teaching staff does not feel like they are under constant watch and scrutiny, they will be more relaxed and hence could be more productive. This will also foster a more...