Summery of Group Work

Individual Summary
Marketing to Children – Is it Ethical?

Our group of four decided to look at the issue of marketing to children to find out if it is ethical or not. This topic was something that we were all interested in so it was not a problem choosing the topic that we all agreed on.

We first decided what we wanted to look at and how we were going to achieve this. Our decision was to look at the negative as well as the positive effects of marketing to children and support this with relevant examples. In our first meeting, we decided to plan what our objectives were for each week so that we would easily be able to make the deadline. A list was written of the tasks we needed to perform and then we allocated each task to a time slot within our meetings.

Our group worked well together as everybody had almost 100% attendance and was committed to getting the project done. However, we did have problems keeping to our schedule. At the very beginning, we conducted various research which was useful for our report but it would probably have been better if we had done some initial research individually as this would have speeded up the whole process. A large amount of time was spent during these meetings on the research which left us short of time when we came to the write up of our report.

Another problem with our report was that it was very difficult to show a balanced argument with the nature of the question. During our research, we discovered many more unethical examples of marketing to children than ethical marketing to children. We tried to combat this by the argument itself being from both points of view.

I believe that my contribution to the group was coming up with ideas and examples to back-up the points that were made but also to listen to other peoples ideas and comment on them critically so that everyone a came to a consensus. I believe that this was an important role to enable the group to provide a well structured analysis with many strong...