Reflection Group Work

For the purpose of this assignment, I will reflect upon a direct observation in which I planned, facilitated and actively undertook for a piece of group work.   I performed this task within my placement thus aiming towards   developing   my cognitive and met cognitive abilities while utilising   my interpersonal skills. This piece of work gives me the opportunity to perform a reflective evaluation of the effectiveness of my practice.

By being reflective in my practice it enables me to Measure   the   effectiveness and consider my planning stages of group work. Then to evaluate whether the set outcomes   initially planned and undertaken had been successful or not.   In addition   to build on any strengths and positive aspects of   learning, with gained   knowledge and skills Furthermore   by critiquing   my   experiences within practice, personal assumptions ,biases   values and   beliefs it enables me to synthesize   future different strategies   and recognise learning beyond the description of the experience.

In addition I will   analyse how I utilized my interpersonal skills and how effective the communication styles   that I   I implemented   were. Furthermore, to demonstrated an understanding of the group processes, dynamics, methods, and skills.

DeRoos (1990 p 190.) defines reflection in practice, or reflecting in action, as “the conscious   evaluation of action during the course of action”   This means that one needs to pay attention to both one’s client and oneself. However, this can be especially challenging when the client is within a group environment. To help prevent such challenges within group work, it is therefore essential to have knowledge of group dynamics and   individual’s intrapersonal dynamics.
More so, it will help me in understanding personal emotions perceived when working with different service users and environments. An important factor of self-reflection is that a practitioner develops the capacity to understand his or her emotional responses to...