Summary of the Comparisons Between the Audi Rs4 and the Bmw M3

Summary of the comparisons
Between the Audi RS4, and the BMW M3.

The Audi RS4, retails at £50930 where as the BMW M3 retails at £51025, making the RS4 the cheaper car to purchase.
  The Audi rs4 power to weight ratio is lighter than its counterpart at 187 kW/tonnes compared to 196 kW/tonnes for the BMW M3.    
  Standing start from 0-60 mph the Audi is slightly quicker at 2.5 seconds compared to the M3 at 2.8 seconds, although 0-140 mph the M3 just pips the RS4 by 0.1 of a second.
  Both cars have digitally restricted top speeds of 155mph, both cars benefit from having the same size engines 4.2 v8 90 degrees direct overhead cam 32 valve, although vary a little in cubic capacity, 4.163 for the Audi and 3.999 for the BMW.
  Both have 6 speed manual gear boxes, the BMW is the lighter car by 70 kg. Fuel economy on both cars is not great just 22.8 mpg for the BMW and the RS4 17.7 mpg making the BMW more fuel efficient.
  Both cars come with 3 year unlimited miles warranty and both have a 5 star euro NCAP rating.
  The BMW delivers more torque than the Audi at 400 Newton meters at 3900rpm compared to 430 Newton meters at 3900 revolutions per minute for the Audi.
  Both cars unfortunately are in insurance group 20. Also body style differs between the 2 cars, the Audi, a saloon with 4 doors and 5 seats and the BMW, a coupe with 2 doors and 4 seats. The 2 cars transmissions differ also, the Audi has permanent 4 wheel drive, where as the BMW has rear wheel drive only!
  Dimensionally the Audi is shorter length ways by just 25mm than the BMW, width wise the BMW is shorter by 12mm than the Audi and finally the ride height differs by just 3mm in favour of the BMW.