Summary of Romeo and Juliette Plot

Summary of the plot for Romeo + Juliet

Act one plot
Scene 1
  * Servants from the house of Capulet and servants from the house of Montague meet in the streets of Verona.
  * They begin a fight which is then broken up by the Prince.

Scene 2
  * Romeo has been walking through Verona unaware of the fight as he is thinking of Rosaline, he tells Benvolio of his love sickness.
  * They read a guest list given to one of Lord Capulet’s’ servants for a party at Capulet mansion as the servant can’t read.

Scene 3

  * They invite themselves to Capulet’s party because Romeo sees Rosaline is going to the party and Romeo is hoping to see her there
  * Lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris would like to marry her and that he would be a good choice as he is wealthy
  * The nurse also talks about how she raised Juliet from a baby

Scene 4
  * Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio are all at the feast at the Capulet mansion
  * Mercutio talks to Romeo about the Queen Mab and how she gives to dreams

Scene 5
  * Romeo sees Juliet and instantly falls in love with her and falls out of love with Rosaline
  * Tybalt is outraged that Romeo came to a Capulet party when he is a Montague and he wants to fight him but his uncle says to just leave Romeo as he is doing no harm
Act 2
Scene 2
  * This is where we first meet friar Lawrence and he is collecting different herbs and fruits and talking about them as he picks them which shows he has a good knowledge of plants and herbs
  * Romeo comes to visit Friar Lawrence and tells him that he has not been home and Friar Lawrence thinks that he has slept with Rosaline but Romeo tells him that he has fallen in love with Juliet and has forgotten Rosaline.
  * Romeo tells friar Lawrence that he wants to marry Juliet and Friar Lawrence agrees to do it because he thinks it may bring the feud to an end and the families together
Scene 3
  * Benvolio and Mercutio are wondering where Romeo is as Benvolio says that he...
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