Summary : Learning Your First Job

James Verlander
Professor Calkins
English 101 Online
Sept 27, 2010
Robert Leamnson Teaches Learning is Our First Job
There are no short cuts to learning and the mastering a subject. True learning is not a spectator sport; the student must be immersed in the subject matter to be effective. Actual physical changes take place in the brain when we learn something new; the results are richer and different neuron connections (Leamnson).With the new neuron connections, a new or different way of thinking takes place because the landscape of the brain has been changed. But these new connections must be used to strengthen their connection to each other and reviewing the material is a good start in that direction (Leamnson). The act recalling the information is a good way to strengthen the new connection because the neurons must re-fire in order for us to remember. So the more involved the student is in the learning process, the stronger the connections are made. Thus, when it needs to be recalled, the memory rebuilds itself easily (Leamnson). There is however, something even more important.
To learn anything, we must give it some kind of priority. Time is inflexible and we can only use it effectively and efficiently, so what needs to be learned and understood must be given a priority because you will always do what you have to do.   Making learning something the most important priority puts it at the front of the line of all the stuff competing for our attention (Leamnson).   Learning should not be left just to the classroom; the good student will seek out other channels to obtain the wanted or needed knowledge. That why it is so important to want to learn; no teacher can possibly anticipate all possible ways a student can learn (Leamnson). Also, a deeper understanding of the materials cannot be spoon fed, but must involve the student doing in depth analysis and discovering new informational relationships. With enough desire, anything can be learned. It is the yearning...