Solving a Sudoku Puzzle  
Sudoku puzzles are fairly easy to solve, with some practice and following some simple steps you should be able to solve one. The puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been divided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares.
In order to solve the puzzle, in each row, column, and box there must be a number one through nine in them, however in the rows, columns, and boxes there cannot be any number written more than once. For example, if there is a nine in column two row nine, there cannot be any more   nines in that column or row in any of the boxes.
There is one key point that I learned, and that is to try not to guess, guessing will only get you lost. Simply follow the steps. When you start solving the puzzle try and solve the more obvious numbers. Look for empty squares, at the same time also look for missing numbers.
Penciling in is a great strategy to use while trying to solve a Sudoku puzzle. If you notice that there is more than one place a number can be placed, you can pencil in the number at the top of the box. Once you have figured out where the numbers belong you can erase the ones that don’t belong.
Some other good strategies to use, would be trying to solve two numbers at one time, you can’t also try and solve three numbers at a time. Last the numbers that you have penciled in, you can start eliminating them by looking at all of them and erasing the ones that don’t belong and placing the ones that do. Practice is a good way to learn how to solve a Sudoku puzzle.