How to Quit Smoking

How to quit Smoking

“Cigarette smoking is harmful to your health” that’s the inscription found on many cigarette packets. For his reason, cigarettes are a barrier to good health. Many people find themselves between a rock and a hard place when trying to quit smoking. I was a smoker at some point in my life. It took me great sacrifice to quit smoking altogether. It is one of ten hardest decisions to stick to. Good news however is that all is not lost for smokers. They can decide to stop smoking and stick to this decision.

A process has to be followed however to assure the affected individual of success. It takes sacrifice and commitment.

One of the surest ways to avoid smoking cigarettes is to avoid smoking triggers. Cravings for cigarettes do not last long. Any time one is tempted to light it up, he or she should remember that the feeling will not last long. It is also important to have a plan to quit smoking.

Firstly it is important to distract yourself. Focus on your business, watch movies, do the dishes, turn off the TV, take a shower, go out and meet a friend and other activities that can distract you from the craving of cigarette.

It is also important to keep reminding yourself why you quit smoking. Some of these include improved appearance, saving money, good oral hygiene and enhanced self esteem. When this comes to mind, you will most probably ignore the craving for cigarettes.

It is good to remain out of tempting situations. If the activity you are engaging in is making you feel like smoking, avid it. For instance, if getting drunk or chewing khat makes you have the craving for cigarettes, avoid these activities altogether. By getting out of such places, this will help.

Make sure you reward yourself and reinforce your achievements. This will keep you motivated to stay on and focus on the quitting process altogether.

In the moment some steps will help to avert the craving for cigarettes. The table below illustrates this.