Success of an 11 Year Old

Describe a goal or challenge in your past that required perseverance and determination to accomplish.

If this question seems too personal, describe a challenge met by someone you know or admire; feel free to use fictitious names if appropriate.

Life is nothing more than a long road with many bridges to cross in order to fulfill a dream and reach a goal. Life is constantly met by challenges and in order to persevere and accomplish success one must face life head on. For some the road is traveled freely without detours or roadblocks, and for others it is often uphill with many roadblocks and a detour or two on the side. These are nothing more than tests in life to make us stronger and more confident when we reach our destination. My son, Harrison Dale, faces many challenges in his young life. With his complete determination and strong desire to accomplish the tasks he is given he hurdles over roadblocks and finds his way on the detours to always accomplish his goals.
Harrison is 11 years old and he has a movement disorder as well as Tourette Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Experiencing challenges within one’s body is a large obstacle to scale. Having to experience these challenges on the open stage that we call life may prove too difficult for some but for Harrison, it has only strengthened his resolve to overcome whatever may be thrown his way. Harrison’s intelligence and healthy soul allow him to accomplish the goals he sets for himself. He often takes the initiative to calm the uneasiness when he could easily fall into the shadows of obscurity. But this would only prove who or what had control of his life and this is not an option for Harrison. Instead, he chooses to attack life full force and meet all challenges directly.
Successfully turning challenges into goals and settling for nothing other than success is proving to shape young Harrison into a giant of a man. He does not allow what may be seen by others as impairments to define...