Hamlet Project Menu

Below is a list of project ideas.   Choose one that appeals to you and see me for details.

Creative Writing:
        □ New Ending: Write a different ending for the play.
        □ New Scene:   Write a new act/scene that would fill a gap somewhere in the play.
        □ Autobiography: Write an autobiography of one of the characters (as though you are the character)
        □ Create a Myspace page for one of the characters, including a minimum of   five blog entries (again, act as though you are the character).   Your blogs should be spaced throughout the play and should reveal the character clearly.   Don’t forget that you must fill out a survey for that character as well.   Your responses should be thoughtful and true to the character.
        □ Newspaper/Magazine (made in Microsoft Publisher)—this needs to be several pages
        □ Script—rewrite a portion of the play in modern language
        □ Resume/Cover letter—McDonalds is hiring employees for several positions.   Three characters from the play are applying.   Each of the three (in your voice) needs to write a cover letter addressing “your” strengths and skills.   Also, each of the three will write a resume, being sure to list skills and experience.   Specify for what job each is applying.   These documents need to be formatted properly.   Look up proper techniques.

        □ Graffiti Wall-build/draw/design a graffiti wall displaying relevant themes, soliloquies, characters….
        □ Caricatures-draw caricatures of several characters, exaggerating the most noticeable physical characteristics and personality traits of each
        □ Interior Design—you have been hired to “decorate” four of the private rooms of Elsinore Castle.   Choose a color scheme for each room, and then choose artwork that truly “represents” each individual.   The artwork can be anachronistic.   Each room should have at least two pieces of art.
        □ Mural-create a carefully designed and...