Functional area Plan: Information Technology Systems
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The Information Systems Functional Area focuses on the technology infrastructure and systems to support Zilack’s business model of projected growth. Include two of the following for the updated Information Systems Functional Area plan. In addition, explain how the Information Technology Systems Functional Area will adhere to a code of ethics available for stakeholders.
1. Describes issues affecting the Information Systems Functional Area.
2. Explains new ideas for updating the Information Systems Functional Area.
3. Explains job titles, descriptions, and skills Information Systems Functional Area employees.
4. Describes how Information Systems Functional Area can support production, inventory, sales, and marketing to assure Zilack can meet its business objectives. Examples are as follows:
A. Defines and differentiates its product offerings.
B. Develops a sustainable presence with respect to the environment and society.
C. Keeps operations running effectively and efficiently.
D. Goes to the market with promotion strategy and distribution strategy.
E. Plans for technology resources to capture profit.
F. Network infrastructure.
G. E-mail and other Web external connectivity.
H. Internal applications and desktop support.
I. Other: please specify.
Perform research and place your compositions in the Composition section provided for this functional area after these instructions. Your composition should be two to three single-spaced pages. In addition, place your references in the Reference section and your executive summary in its section (provided for this functional area after these instructions).

When finished, delete this functional area’s instructions in italic (blue) font. Save with the file name that has your functional area, team name, and your name. Post as an attachment to your u08d1 by Sunday of week 8. During unit 9, participate in the peer review...