The Transfiguration Skit!!!

Characters: Peter

(Gradually walking across the stage towards campfire)

Peter: Man! I can’t stop thinking about the other day up the mountain with Jesus. What did that all mean John?

John: Yeah Peter, it was pretty crazy.

James: Yeah my muscles still hurt from that hike; did he have to pick the tallest mountain?!

Peter: Your thinking about the mountain; your thinking about the hike. Are you serious! Were you blind or something?

James: Oh yeah of course I was blind! Didn’t you see his clothes!

(All seated by now)

John: Na guys serious… what was that all about? (Pause) I thought Jesus took us up there to pray? But then he just… you know, like.. Changed

James: Before our own eyes! I mean, we’ve seen some miraculous and powerful miracles during our time with Jesus. Like when Jesus feed 5000 men not even counting all the women and children! Oh and I’ve lost count of how many people have been healed through his majestic power.

Peter: Yeah but this one was on its own level. His face shone kind of like the sun. And then I blinked my eyes and he had changed his robs had changed as well

James: mmmmm they were so white!

Peter: They were whiter than bleach =D

(Pulls bleach bottle out to emphasize whiteness)

James: Yeah my eyes still hurt, he pretty much became light

John: That’s like the story of Moses. When he came down from Mt Sinai with the 10 commandments, remember, it says his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.

Peter: Well John, didn’t you see Moses standing next to him. Oh and Elijah was there too.

John: Of course I saw them; it just took me a while. Jesus’ brightness woke me up. But why those two with Jesus, what importance do they have to this event?

James: Well I guess Moses would represent the law

Peter: …and Elijah the prophets

John: Yeah, oh and didn’t each of them have an encounter with God on...