Studying in Group

Studying in group
      Although many people prefer to study alone, I prefer to study in group. There are many reasons why I think so but the main one is that studying in group help me to study much more effectively than studying alone only.
      First of all, when you study alone, no body knows your work but you, no one knows if you do it well or badly. You will be difficult to find out your mistakes because you think that you’ve reminded yourself to be careful, but in facts, you can sometimes make mistakes easily without knowing about it. If you study with your friends, you can share with them your work and they can contribute their ideas about your work to help you make it better and in return you can also do that. This helps you study much from the others. For example, you will feel excited yourself if you are able to solve a thorn mathematic problem when studying alone and you only know that way to solve it. However, when studying in group, you can know many different ways to solve this, so you know more new things.
      Moreover, when studying in group, you can discuss with your friends about what you are considering and some difficulties you’ve met with your teacher’s lecture or some things you don’t really understand. The more discussions are made between members in a group when studying together, the longer and the deeper you will remember knowledge. There are no discussions when you study alone, of course! That’s reason why in class, teachers always divide all students into some groups to study different topics. Also, when studying alone, you can easily feel stressful. But when studying in group, you can have short break with your friends and relax by chatting, telling funny stories, having some snacks…It will create an interesting studying environment and make you more excited to study.
      Finally, studying in group will motivate you so much. If you see you friends do work better than you do, and if you want to do even better than they do, you...