Igcse Studying Strategy


1. Do your homework during the year, this means that you have the notes.
2. Listen to the teacher's explanation throughout the whole year, in case you forget what something means.
3. After mid year examinations, work on improving your grades. (E.g.: if you get a C in physics(or biology or chemistry) work on getting at least a B; B in maths TRY to work harder for getting an A and so on)
Note: English is a language that you can't study. The only thing you can do is keep on reading stories, books, magazines, newspapers etc...
4. Keep it in your head that you need to get grades from A TO C, because a D or lower is a fail.
5. Keep concentrating in class, keep doing your homework and keep studying at home. Try to focus - I know this is easier said than done.
6. Start reviewing, learning is over - look at the notes you took these past couple years. You need to remember it all.
7. Make sure you review all the tests and exams done in class and learn from your mistakes.
8. Try to print out some of the old IGCSE/GCSE papers, this way when it comes to the real exam you'll know how everything is sorted. (Mostly from "Circle the answers" to definitions).
9. Study in groups with friends as its very helpful and could help overcome any problems that arise.
10. Write whatever you know, and leave no empty spaces in the exam.
11. Never copy from neighbors and hidden notes because you will be cheating.