Study of Judaism

With reference to the Jewish tradition analyse the connection between   ‘the laws and the rules’ and the love of God, referred to in the   quotation, as a guide in the life of adherents with reference to key beliefs, ethics and the practice of the Sabbath.

The connection between the ‘the laws and the rules and the“ love of God” in Judaism are stated clearly in the first line of the quotation…

And this is the Instruction…. the laws and the rules.
That the Lord your God has commanded (me) to impart to you, to be observed in the land which you are about to cross into and occupy……..” Deut.6.1

The sacred history of Judaism starts with Abraham, who was the first father or ‘patriach’ of the Jewish people. Abraham promoted a personal relationship between one man and one God, based on a covenant, an agreement between the divine and the human. The above quote refers to the agreement, the Covenant, that God made with the Jews at Mount Sinai. This is the basis of how the Jews are to live their life and obey the laws and rules of God in return for him providing them a peaceful nation.  

The Covenant lays down the beliefs and ethical teachings and the practice of the Shabbat which
connects God’s law or way of life for the adherents of Judaism. By having these, the Jewish people would show their love for God and follow the commandments or live out the mitzvah.

The Covenant also meant that the Israelite people were responsible to God as a group if one of their community sinned. It was each Jews duty to see that fellow Jews lived according to the rules and laws as set out in the covenant, the Shema. They are a code of conduct which the Jewish people must abide by to live according to their God’s moral laws and in loving God.

The main Jewish beliefs are recorded in a prayer called the Shema found in the Torah. The Shema was first given to the Jewish people by Moses after God had given him the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. The Shema begins with the...