Lisa Aho     February 23, 2011

      Week 8     Check Point

              Social Change and Modernization
Definition of Social Change: a change in one’s nature, social interactions, relations and behavior.   Social change can affect groups, communities and social institutions that offer social structure.

The key features of social change are described as urbanization, where people sharing the same goal of organization could join forces.   Social interaction, brought about by the process of urbanization. Industrialization, joining people by force of work or industry to interact.   Although, named above are the most dominate of key factors leading to social change, we as a social society encounter social change in schools, restaurants’, and even sporting events.

Four examples of social movements would be the feminist movement, the civil rights movement, gay rights movements and environmental movements

The key features in each are listed herein:

Feminist Movement: establishing equality of rights as in politics, society and the economy.

Civil Rights Movement: establishing equality of rights as in the fair treatment of all humans that is not equated to race or ethnicity.

Gay Rights Movement: establishing equality of rights as in fair and equal treatment and practices such as marriage and adoption not equated to ones sexual orientation.

Environmental Movement: establishing fair and practical rights as seen in preservation, environmental protection and conservation.

Define Modernization: the process of urbanization, industrialization and urbanization, as related to the transformation of social interactions.

Examples of Modernization would include such established practices of the past that have advanced with time and technology.   Four primary examples would include:

Typewriter vs. Computer; increased seed, accuracy and effectiveness.

Postal Mail vs. Email; increased speed of efficiency, interpersonal, resourceful and...