L.A. II Honors Shawn Mauinatu
Essay Period 2
Mr. Zwart
“When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin” (Kafka 3).Within this framework of realism and deliberate distortion Kafka’s fiction evolves as a problem solving activity. The Metamorphosis is a thrilling novel that shows the way dreams can come true. Samsa (Kafka) is a character whose whole life has been filled with disappointments and many put downs. He believes that humans are trapped in a hopeless world and the only escape is death. The story tells us and show’s that man’s anxiety in a hostile dehumanized world. Samsa one morning is confronted by a world of impossible dimensions and he cannot do anything about it except for living a lifestyle as a roach in filth, dirtiness, and unhappiness.
Kafka recognized that in the ordinary course of life we are blind to see these puzzles because we are unaware. When samsa is transformed into a roach he cannot do nothing about it but test it; he has to investigate the effects of this “test” and his own capacity for understanding. Each fateful confrontation of the antagonists, self and world, brings with it hosts of mutually exclusive, indeed, paradoxical relations. From this point on Kafka follows all leads with rigorous logic. Each day as samsa gets fed he starts to realize that he is not going to have his favorite meals any more. Instead he has to eat like a vermin and live like a vermin. He was only eating at certain parts of the day when his parents were not present. “ This then was the way Gregor was fed each day, once in the morning, when his parents and the maid were still asleep, and a second time in the afternoon after everyone had had dinner, for then his parents took a short nap again, and the maid could be sent out by his sister on some errand” (Kafka 24).
The objective author-observer introduces his character into a carefully specified...