Substance Abuse
Jessica Salazar
October 11, 2015
Richelle Whittaker

Substance abuse is a pattern where an individual’s shows signs of excessively using a drug whether it be a prescription drug or an illegal narcotic. This can lead to an addiction which is slightly different. The individual will center their life on the drug. They might not be able to get up and out of bed unless they have had a “fix” of whatever drug they use. They also become physically dependent for it to be considered an addiction. If the individual is addicted the intent to leave the drug would result with the patient being physically ill know and withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can consist of them feeling anxious, sweating, throwing up, and even having body cramps. This being said I have to agree strongly with the cognitive-behavioral view on this matter. I feel this point of view shows one of the main triggers on why individuals give drugs a chance. Most individuals who use these substances are usually depressed, or stressed. Depression can be from different things like personal life (childhood), environment, and maybe even their social life. It is stated that classical conditioning is not the main key factor for addicts to become addicts. Individuals looking for comfort, this sense of pleasure in their life is what has them start with gate way drugs until they find their drug of choice. This creates a rewarding feeling for the individuals it is known as “expectancy”. With this view point I also agree with the Biological view. Addictive personalities exist. I myself have been a victim to drugs, and cigarettes as a teen. My father is a cigarette smoker. Both I and my younger brother became smokers no surprise to anyone. Yet biologically we inherited the receptor gene.   Which in patents who are non-dependent have less than twenty percent in their system. I think these to views go hand in hand. Someone who is depressed and looking for something to self-medicate and finds...