Strategic Management

Corporate Governance
There is a way or guidance to the company to have the proper management intern of internal, institutional or regulatory after accounting scandal happened recently.
This may provide the transparency and accountability to the outsiders such as current investors, prospect investors, creditors and others party who have the interest in the company.
There are few frameworks for the private limited company and listed company to comply the corporate governance in their internal management such as:
1. Securities and Future Act
2. SGX Listing Manual
3. OECD Principle of Corporate Governance
4. Code of Corporate Governance
5. Company Act
Item 1 to item 3 are the corporate governance frameworks which require the continuous disclosure to the listed company.   Once a company is listed in the SGX Exchange Stock Market, it is under the regulatory of SGX and ruled under Securities and Futures Act.   Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) also will oversee the discipline of the securities market to have the smooth operation in the securities market.
Securities and Future Act (SFA)
S203 of   SFA has stated   the provision that an issuer has the obligation to disclose the information which required by the securities exchange continuously without any intention, reckless or negligent to the securities exchange.(an   issuer must not intentionally, recklessly or negligently fail to notify the information securities exchange)  
SGX Listing Manual (SGXLM)
Chapter 7 of the SGX LM set the continuing requirement for the issuer to observe once admitted by the official list.
S703 stated that an issuer have the obligation to disclose the material information
OECD Principle of Corporate Governance
There has 5 principles in OECD Principle of Corporate Governance, there are:
1. Ensuring the basis for an effective corporate governance
2. The right of shareholders and key ownership functions
3. The equitable treatment of shareholders
4. The role of stakeholders in...