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Seven Agents Of Socialization And How Important They Are To Each Of Us

    Individuals or groups carry out socialization.   They are called agents of socialization.  

Society relies on these agents to do most of the socialization:   family, neighborhood,

religion, day care, school, peer groups, and the work place.

    Family is the most influential agent of socialization.   Our experiences in the family

establish our initial motivations, values, and beliefs.   In family we start to think of

ourselves as being smart or dumb, good looking or ugly.   We learn emotion control so

when we get out into the world, we know how to get along with others without physical

violence.   We also learn public rules and moral values.

    Some neighborhoods are better than others in a lot of different ways.   Neighborhoods

can also be an influence in socialization.   Kids that grow up in poor neighborhood are

more likely to get into trouble than kids that grow up in a wealthier neighborhood.   Pour

neighborhoods are also more likely to have more high school drop outs than the wealthier
neighborhoods.   Usually kids that grow up n a poor neighborhood have lower standards

later on as an adult than a kid that grows up in a wealthier neighborhood.

    Religious plays an important role in socialization.   People who attend religious

services learn beliefs about the here after and values.   They learn how to act and dress for

formal gatherings.   Religion also provides the foundation of morality for people who are

religious and for people who never attend religious ceremonies.

    Studies have proved that daycare plays an important role in socialization.   The studies

prove that kids who spend more time in a day care have a weaker bond with their mother

than a kid that stays at home with a parent.   They have also proven that kids are meaner if

they spend a lot of time at a day care.   On the other have kids that...