Strangest Person Ever

The Strangest Person Ever
  It seems we have all had the delight of knowing someone who appeared slightly out of place.   They are the ones who draw the eyes of passersby, the ones “normal folk” appear to shun in an effort to fit in or follow the crowd.   These people are usually described as odd or eccentric, weird or strange.   Sometimes they are the people we try to avoid at all costs; sometimes we seek them out just to give us something to talk about, something to laugh about, and something to take the serious edge off of a very serious routine.   Either way, they are usually the people who enrich our lives in one way or another.   Their “offbeat” approach to life is interesting, to say the least.   I have had the pleasure of knowing one of these rare people and her name is Tracy.   Tracy seems strange to most because she does not attempt to “get in where she fits in” by changing her demeanor or dress, she will never allow a personal possession should ever be discarded (even if it has ceased to be useful), and her larger than life persona could come off to most as a little alarming.
Picture this:   a woman is walking down the sidewalk in what appears to be pajamas; an oversized, well-worn T-shirt that hangs from her deceptively small frame, baggy sweat pants that drag the ground, and a run of the mill pair of tennis shoes that scream for a little soap and water.   Her unkempt, blazing red hair falls across her eyes, not quite hiding the bright green orbs that   overpower the rest of her facial features.   An incoherent stream of mumbled phrases that barely make it to even the most sensitive ears seems to tumble from her lips.   She looks a little lost, slightly confused.   Proper decorum demands that we approach her and offer some kind of assistance but it could be risky.   Would we help?   Probably not.   Tracy is the kind of woman everyone seems to shy away from and that is perfectly understandable.   She IS a little strange; does not even seem to care one way or the other...