Leadership Theory

What is leadership? Leadership is defined as the activity of leading a group of individuals or an organization. To be a good leader, it involves some key elements that one must have. These elements are clear vision, sharing your vision, providing information, knowledge and methods to share the vision and being able to balance or coordinate the conflicts in the interest of all of the individuals involved. In times of a crisis, a leader should be at the front so they may think and act in the creative ways they have to help the individuals deal with the difficult situation at hand.
Unlike management, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learned and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring. (businessdictionary.com)
Sarah Palin is a great leader. She is very honest and she has a strength about her that screams leader. She has shown America that not only can a woman be a great leader, but they can also have great energy and weave motherhood into the mix as well. She has morals and is sensitive but also honest and has a deep knowledge in many different facets of life.
Sarah Palin has proved that she has leadership skills by becoming the first female governor of Alaska, as well as the youngest person ever elected to lead the state.   Sarah was born February 11, 1964, which makes her only 47 years old. She proved to her people during the first year of her term that she was serious and would keep promises; during this first year she revived the natural gas pipeline. According to Bill McAllister, her press secretary, said ”She has always been sufficiently informed and engaged….In just two years in office, she accomplished more than most governors in their entire careers.”
During her first few months in office, she managed to sell the state jet, rejected a big security entourage while driving herself and firing the chef at the executive mansion (Los Angeles times) When Palin ran with John McCain, when it...