Storyboard for 507

NVQ UNIT STORYBOARD (Reflective Report)

Unit 507 - Develop and implement health and safety review systems

UNIT NO: 507 (Evidence#108)

(3.1) Assess the nature and role of health and safety review systems within the organisation

Health and safety review systems identify issues in the health and safety policy that need to be addressed to allow adequate resources and measures to be put in place to protect people and mitigate business risk.

I implement this process by compiling all the points outlined on the organisations Health, Safety and Environmental Plan and the Doosan Babcock Business Operating Procedures (Evidence#93) onto a health, safety and environmental management system checklist (Evidence#102).
I then describe each section of the health and safety system and give it a status of progress. This progress status is split into ‘in progress’, ‘ongoing’, ‘complete’ or to be ‘checked’. There is a comments and actions section where I add detail of who is responsible for each activity. The final section gives the reader a company operating procedure to research if they require further guidance.
The check sheet is sent to the line manager by email for review (Evidence#103) and also for him to pursue those with outstanding actions.

When the work have been completed, I compile a post event HSE report (Evidence#121) which is a comprehensive, detailed breakdown of how the organisation has performed, hours expended and areas of concern as well as any areas of good working practice. This report allows line managers and off- site regional management to review the outcome of the health and safety management system based on the objectives expected.
I compile statistics on a chart (Evidence#124) to graphically display and present to management total man hours worked, accident injury frequency rates as well as a defined breakdown of what areas and trends were common for injuries encountered. This comprehensive system allows for...