507 Nvq 5

507 - Develop and implement health and safety review systems
1 be able to investigate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of health and safety management systems
1.1- Identify each part of the health and safety management system & 2.1- Identify all components of the health and safety management system

Policy – Policy development, decide under the statement of intent who is in charge of what, explain who as the organisation is going to stick by it, arrangements section explaining responsibilities and how it’s going to be done. Steer direction of company influencing all activities, Becomes the centre for safety management. And therefore becomes the companies defence for litigation, prosecution and insurance claims. If there isn’t one, then your company has failed and you leave yourself open to claims.
Step 1 in your policy, set your policy.

Organisation – Who is responsible, What has to be done, When it has to be done by, and what results are required. To make a policy effective you have to have staff involvement and commitment. The 4 C’s help in developing a positive H&S culture within an organisation. Competence Make sure anyone who you need to work with is competent in Health and Safety, Make sure they are certified or time spent. Control, Delegate responsibility, secure commitment, provide instruction and make sure there is effective supervision once out of training.
Communication, make sure its effective, Clearly written, Spoken in a language which is clearly understood, Visible actions, such as posters, notices etc.
Step 2 is to organise your staff

Planning and Implementation – Plan and set standards using the SMART technique- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time. Set risk control standards. Make sure safe systems of work are mentioned and are used within the organisation. Include procedures for imminent dangers and dangerous occurrences and emergencies. Make sure you inform neighbours and contractors of...