‘What you have done cannot be forgiven’ he said harshly. You have to stay here and take the consequenses of this. You are not allowed to come here again. I hope I am obvious enough. If I see you steal   anything from my bakery, no not just my bakery, if I never ever   ever see you stealing something from somewhere I’ll report you to the police. I don’t even imagine how enthusiastic they will be since they have a new culprit to interrogate. Do you remember the gaunt   burglar boy who climps up over the fences and steal vegetables from the fields? I’m sure you know what happened that guy. He became insane just because of the interrogation in trial. Even the judge was deceiving and intimidating him. His patience was just enough to bear   a couple of trials. Then bom! He became mad. He is in asylum now, having mental healing. It is not a good way to spend your life. See what consequences can it pike along? I’M just warning youi you should not count t as a threat. All I want to do is just prevent the consequences that is piked along by what you have done. It is just the begining.The rest –consequences- may come so fast that you can’t be even aware of them. So take heed and be careful, there are a lot of way to earn you bread and butter, sell handkerchief, shine shoes, even go begging but don’t steal.Deal?’’
He held down and nodded in agreement ‘deal’ he whispered.   I will never try to steal something again, I promise.’ He said. He looks much more older than his peers. He was embarassed