Story Writing

December 19th 1986
11:15am Misty Hills
It was a Friday like any other the guys played cricket in the hot sun whilethe girls sat in the shade and watched and cheered as the guys played cricket , their one of their names were Hayden, he was the leader of the lot he made all the decisions, then there was Claire she was the stuck up rich girl who hated getting her hands dirty, also there was Katie she was the book smart one, she always had her head in a book always trying to learn everything, Rob he was the sporty type always winning at everything and last we have Gaz, he was the cool level-headed guy who sat in the background he always knows what to do in a situation.
Anyway they were playing cricket and rob had just smashed the ball deep into the forest,
“Dude!”, Rob yelled “Didn’t think I could hit it that hard, but hey it’s me”
“Yeah well you have to go get it now Rob”, Hayden laughed
“So none of you are coming?” rob said “Well fine then”,
So Rob walked into the forest, it was damp and cold as if he had just he walked into one of those walk in fridges. He walked for about fifteen minutes when in the bushes something moved, he stopped and looked “who’s there” Rob said nervously he picked up a stick and held it up to the bush
“Hey!” Gaz said “it’s just me”,
“You scared the shit out of me” Rob said angrily
“Ha-ha you should have seen the look on your face” Gaz Laughed
Just then they heard something else moved, and then Gaz picked up a stick too.
They heard it growl so they started running, they ran until the growling stopped.
“Whoa!”,Rob said sacredly “what the hell was that!”
“I don’t know but we gotta get the hell out of here” Gaz said
So they started walking back to misty hills when the ground caved in.
When they finally came to they were in a dusty cave with little sunlight seeping in through the roof,
“What is this place?” Rob asked Gaz
“I don’t know but I don’t wanna find out” Gaz said
Just before they...