Taking My Relationship with Reading to the Next Level

In today‚Äôs day and age, our generation, whether we like it or not, are reading fewer and fewer books because social media provides us with other material to read. When it comes to reading, with all of the material online, people are moving further and further away from books. Whenever people think of reading nowadays, the first thing they think of are online articles or social media updates. If I were to give the activity of reading books a grade, on a scale of one to ten, I   would give it a seven. If that survey included social media, I would score reading a nine. I do not like reading some books because the way they convey their stories is too slow to engage me. Reading and I do not have the best relationship, something I want to improve because I do love to read, especially if the material intrigues me, regardless of the medium.
Although I do like reading, only the right materials will really capture my attention. All my life I have not had an interest in reading because of all the extracurricular activities that I did, but recently I have begun to enjoy reading because of my exposure to social media and online articles. Social media updates give me a sense of being more connected and socially intertwined with my friends. I really enjoy reading online articles because there is an infinite amount of information on the internet. I am able to find something that interests me whenever I want to read, unlike trying to decide which genre I want to read.
I prefer adventure stories because usually these stories are able to intrigue my fast-paced mind more than any other genre. My favorite book so far is The Odyssey because of the long journey Odysseus takes and all the adventures he has trying to get home. Each subsection in the book gave the illusion of finishing a whole story very quickly, which was good for me so I could be amused, engaged, and entertained. I will most definitely pick an adventurous book for our class because I know that I will be better able to...