Unit 210

Unit 210
Support learning activities
Outcome 1
Support the teacher in planning learning activities
In order to support the teacher it is important that as a teaching assistant you are involved in the planning process of how the lesson will be delivered, reviewing and evaluating how the children progressed during the lesson.
Often teachers plan for lessons in advance; therefore you may only be involved in the planning through an informal discussion with the teacher at the start of the day or the start of the lesson.   It is important to allow this time before the lesson to ensure the teaching assistant is aware of what is expected of them and how best to the support the child/children.
If you have the opportunity to be involved in the planning stage you may be able to put forward any ideas if you have any particular strength in a certain area. Having strength in a certain area allows you to feel confident when assisting a child/sm
#lall group therefore creating a positive atmosphere in order for them to feel keen to learn. It is also important to identify a weakness before supporting the learning activity to allow you the time to understand exactly what is required.
As a teaching assistant you are in a position that you can advise a teacher during the planning stage as to the different levels of learning that some children may be at. Therefore you can adapt the planning to suit the child’s learning style and level.
In some circumstances it is important to obtain information required to support learning activities such as:
  * Learning objectives
  * Resources required
  * Your role
  * Specific information/instruction for the activity
This information also allows you to obtain resources that are not always accessible within the class e.g.; laptops, cooking equipment or weights. By having these resources ready you reduce the time spent setting up the activity and impacting on the child/children’s learning. This also allows you time to familiarise...