Shirley Whitley
PH103 Informal Logic
Tanya Martin
November 12, 2012

Stereotyping 1
My pit-bull name is Blade he is a bully pit-bull, He is low to the ground, very muscle built. His color is like a cow with beige and white. I raised Blade from 6 weeks old, really 4 weeks old. Blade mom would not let him nurse any longer. I had to go and buy formula to give him in a baby bottle. I did this for about 6 weeks old. Blade was a good behaved pit-bull; I raised him around my grandchildren’s, and in other words he actually grew up with them, listen very well. Aggression was not in him, now he was territory, when it came to the family all I can say an excellent dog to be around.   I had no problem from neighbor or friends, they talk about how good he would listen being a pit-bull.
At 9 months old I took Blade for a walk. Looking at Blade you knew he was a pit-bull. People would be walking down the street and see blade walking with me they would move to the other side of the street, just because he was a pit-bull. The reputation of a pit-bull is they are aggressive, they will attack and they are mean. That is simply not true; I feel it is all how a pit-bull is raised. I have been dealing with pit-bulls for a long time, never had one to turn on me or anybody that I know. I have train, scolded and they were still my best friend.
As we walk to the store a woman and her child was facing us then it dawn on her that is a pit-bull. The mother grabs her child and ran up the hill. My pit-bull stop! I told her not to be afraid he will not bite you. Her son wanted to touch Blade I guess kids do not see the danger that a parent see.   The mother was afraid; I assured her that he could pat Blade that it will be alright, so she let her son pat Blade on the head. Blade got carry away and started kissing the little boy in the mouth. Then he started playing with my pit.   For once the fear was gone about the pit-bull when it came to that mother and her...