The Women of a Tale of Two Cities and Female Stereotypes

The women of A Tale of Two Cities and female stereotypes
“While male characters have been given free reign to be and become what they like, even to fail if they choose, women characters have been written to play and replay the same themes, limited as they are.”(Savitt pg.1) Women in literature are portrayed as weaker than males. They are given negative and dull characteristics. However, in A Tale of Two Cities many female stereotypes are broken by three female characters. Lucie, Madame Defarge, and Miss Pross contradict female stereotypes because the profound character roles they possess in the novel demonstrate women's full potential as major characters.
Throughout the time period of A Tale of Two Cities, there were many female stereotypes. There were many things women were required to do. There were also, many things that they could not do. Women were not allowed in politics. Sadly, they were not to interfere with the affairs that pertained only to men. Thus, they were not permitted to voice their opinion. It was not considered important. Moreover, women were not allowed to disobey men. They were supposed to follow their orders. The female that dared to defy a man would be given the worst punishment available.
In addition, another stereotype that women were expected to follow was being a housewife. They were expected to cook, clean, and raise the children. Although many women were not happy with this common lifestyle, they felt they had no choice. Those who tried to live a lifestyle not according to the female stereotype were not accepted or respected by society.
A female stereotype that is commonly seen in literature is a woman having the mother/wife role. They are not given admirable traits. Motherly females are portrayed as loving yet very disciplinary with the children. She is at times portrayed irking the husbands. Sometimes, she is even the cause of her husband’s failures or flaws. (Savitt 2 of 7) "Mom spanks, yells, and gets mad. She hates fun and...