State the Different Assessment Methods Available and Explain the Ones You Would Use for Your Subject Area, Including References to Initial Assessment. State the Types of Assessment Records You Would Complete and Explain Why.

State the different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area, including references to initial assessment. State the types of assessment records you would complete and explain why.

There are many assessment methods that tutors use depending on the course they are teaching, and the audience they are teaching to. I will use a variety of assessment methods in order to measure how affectively my learners learn a topic, in comparison to the learning outcomes. I will record these different assessments and use them when making an evaluation of my learners and myself.

The first assessment method that I will adopt for my learners is for them to partake in a BKSB initial assessment if they haven’t already done so. This will give me a good indication of the level of their functional skills. Alongside this I will have an icebreaker activity, in order for my learners to genuinely feel they are in a safe and inclusive environment. This will also give me an opportunity to complete observational report forms, for all my learners, which I will continue to make on a regular basis. An observational report form will help me when evaluating my learners. This may include learners who lack confidence in the electrical workshop or have difficulties when speaking amongst a group of people.

The electrical installation course can be rather demanding for learners who lack the necessary skills in numeracy. This will be remedied by giving learners mathematical problems on a weekly basis. The results my learners achieve for these questions will be logged, so that close monitoring can be done, and allow me to identify learners who may be struggling.

To successfully complete the electrical installation course, my learners will have to complete a number of practical tasks and complete a portfolio. This will be a formal method of assessment, and my learners will be graded upon this. My learners will also have a summative assessment, by means of...