Assignment   03

Part   1   Stalin

How   does   the   myth   of   Stalin   being   presented   by   this   image   from   1939   differ   from   earlier   and   later   mythic   presentations   of   Stalin?

‘Stalin   shaped   a   ‘cult   of   personality’   around   himself,   which   constituted   a   state-manufactured   myth   that   associated   a   single   person – himself – with   almost   every   action   of   the   state   during   a   period   in   which   Soviet   society   was   transformed   utterly’ (Pittaway, 2008, p. 137).   Myths   have,   therefore,   played   a   central   role   in   constructing   Stalin’s   reputation,   both   positive   and   negative   (Pittaway, 2008, p.145).

In   this   1939   image   (Illustration book, Plate   1.5.8 p.49)   Stalin   is   portrayed   in   a   caring   way,   like   a   father   overlooking   his   children   with   pride   and   satisfaction.   Pride   for   his   achievement   of   industrialization   and   modernization   to   the   Soviet   Union,   which   is   presented   by   industrial   buildings   in   the   background   of   the   carpet.   While   dancing   children   represent   united   countries   and   nation   ‘dancing   to   his   tune’.   Blooming   trees   creates   an   extra   myth   and   impression   of   economy   success   and   peace.   To   my   opinion,   this   picture   portrays   prosperity,   calm   and joyful   life,   plenty   of   work.   And   statue   of   Lenin   pointing   to   Stalin   as   if   to   say:   ‘you   have   achieved   all   of   this’.  

In   the   earlier   1932   poster   (Pittaway, 2008, Figure   5.3 p. 138)   Stalin   projects   different   aura.   Cleverly   looking   towards   the   words   which   translates:   ‘Collectivisation   of   the   Soviet   Union   must   be finished   in   5   years. Working   class   of   the   Soviet   Union   surely   and   strongly   moves   forward   to   support   their   comrades – working   Christianity’.   Picture   creates   a   feel   of   gentle   persuasion   for   help   and   support   to   agricultural   sector,   and   it   gives   impression   of   voluntarily assistance   on   farms.   No   time   for   dancing   in   this...