How Stalin Died.

How did Stalin die?
Name: Nikki Souther
Date: March 31, 2010
Instructor: Sherri Singer
Stalin tells his guards to take the night off and sleep in. For someone of Stalin’s character that would be the last thing to come out of his mouth. Interviews show that Stalin even taunted his guards asking them “Want to go to bed?” But guards don’t rest until Stalin dies. Which is ironic to say the least. Why would Stalin tell his guards to take the night off? Did Stalin know that he was to die that night? If not, what were his reasoning’s? Was he to commit suicide?
Later that evening there were signs that Stalin was awakening because a light had come on in his room but still no actual contact with Stalin had been made. In fear for Stalin their leader, Lozgachev was sent to check on him. Opening up the door to his room he sees Stalin lying on the ground in his own urine.
Shocked, the guards rush to call his “drinking companions” (Stalin’s Death), the Pulitburo. “It was their tardiness in responding and calling for medical help that put questions of doubt in Radzinski’s mind” (Stalin’s Death). Mr. Radzinski raised the question of Stalin being “poisoned by his guard Khrustalev, under the orders of his master, KGB chief Lavrenty Beria” (Stalin’s Death).
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