To What Extent Was the Leader (Stalin) of One Single Party State Succesfull in Achieving His Aims?

To what extent did the leader of one single-party state achieve his aims?

When Stalin was the leader of the USSR his main aims where the industrialisation of Russia, to achieve the same standards like the rest of Europe, to strengthen communism and socialism and to get rid of any enemy of the revolution. Of course his greed of power was also very determined to his acting. He failed to achieve some of his aims and even when achieving what he had planned it partly had just been a personal achievement for him and a disadvantage to the country.

In 1926 the Russian economy was about 100 years backward to the rest of Europe. Stalin himself made his aim clear when he said “we have to succeed within 10 years or shall be crushed”. He developed thee 5-year-plans to more Russia to a high industrial standard. He was triggered by the fear of an attack by the western power. This fear was shared by his party members. To be able to defend Russia in case of an attack he focused his first 5 year plan on heavy industry and aimed to increase the steel production about a 100%, coal production about 200% and electricity about 400%. The collectivisation of the farmers should support this. In terms to make ensure this plan he got rid off all state-enemies, such as the NEP-man which represented capitalism of the old days. Even though it is to assume that his main aim was to expand his personal power and control as the leader of the USSR the opinion of his party members influenced this as well. Most of the members supported industrialisation, communism and the elimination fo capitalism, only a few members were in favour of NEP.

In political terms he achieved all his foals. He was in a high and powerful position and the party ha a high control. Nearly all farmers were collectivised, the party could work with a lot of pressure to keep the workers working. Even passports were introduced to make it impossible for workers to leave the country and avoid the forced labour and the Gosplan...