Stages of Child Development

Assignment One: Question One.

The different areas of development are:

  * Personal Social and Emotional
Children must be provided with support to help them develop a positive sense for them as well as for others around them; respect for their peers; social skills and a positive attitude to learn. Providers must provide support for children’s emotional well-being to help them know what they can achieve. The aspects of this area of development is:
  Dispositions and Attitudes: is about how children become interested, excited and motivated about their learning.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: is about children having a sense of their own value and understanding and having the need of sensitivity to significant events in their own life or the life around them.

Making Friends: Is about the importance of making good friendships or relationships with others and working alongside others comfortably.

Behaviour and Self-Control: Is about how children grow an understanding of what is right and wrong and why it is, together with learning about the impact of their words and the action it has on others.

Self-Care: is about how children gain self-respect and concern for their own hygiene and how they develop their independence.

Sense of Community: Is about how children understand their own needs, views and religions of themselves and their peers.

  * Communication, Language and Literacy
Children learning to communicate, speaking and listening, being read to and beginning to read and write. To be provided with support to use their skills in a range of situations and purposes and to develop the confidence to do so. The aspects of this development is:

Language of communication: Is about how children learn to communicate. Learning to listen and to speak emerges from non-verbal communication, which includes facial expressions, visual contact and hand gestures. These skills develop as children interact with others, listen to and use language,...