Staff and Administration

Staff and Administration
By: Yolanda N. LaRocca
Axia College of University of Phoenix

    Medical and clinical staffs, such as physicians and nurses, play different roles and have  
other responsibilities than hospital administrators. Medical staff works with the patient on a one
on one basis, doctors and nurses have different roles but falls under the same categories, other  
than hospital administrators. Medical staff diagnoses, administer treatment, and prescribe the  
proper medicine verses hospital administrators, they plan, direct, and coordinate the way the
hospital runs. Essentially all of these roles play a big part in running a hospital, and taking care
of its patients.
    One role that a medical staff plays according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009),”
Physicians examine patients, obtain medical histories, and order, perform, and interpret
diagnostic tests”. It is important that the patient receives the appropriate care he or she needs, in
order to be treated the best way possible. Without the proper diagnosis, a patient could suffer a
deadly outcome.   Furthermore, another role a medical staff plays is offering support and advice.
Coming from a highly respectful background, a patient really could benefit from their advice.
These two vital roles that hospital staff play are essential to the healthcare industry because
without them, people would not have way of being treated for the most simple or the most
dangerous of health problems.  
    On the other hand, administrative staff plays a vital role as well as the medical staff does.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009), the future medical and health services managers  
must be prepared to deal with the integration of health care delivery systems, technological
innovations, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, restructuring of work, and an
increased focus on preventive care. Being able to manage these services can help your career....